Registry of Physicians Specialists

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Registry of Physicians Specialists​

RPS is a placement and recruiting firm that was created in 1983. Since then, we have provided a wide range of professionals to a variety of facilities including community clinics, hospitals, nursing centers, and correctional facilities throughout the United States. RPS has more than 20 years of experience in successfully matching and placing healthcare clinicians with our clients. Our dedicated, professional team of recruiters has built an extensive resource network, and we are diligent about providing high quality healthcare via customized, flexible staffing solutions.

Advantages of Working with RPS

Earn Highly-competitive Compensation

Our highly specialized team ensures that you will be given competitive compensation for any position we find for you.

Be Independent

Escape the office politics, bureaucratic headaches, and immobility of a traditional position and embrace the flexibility of being a contractor-so you can focus on your career and providing high-quality patient care.

Gain Valuable Experience

Work with RPS seasoned professional to take your career to the next level, let us know what your goals are and we will help you reach them!


RPS has opportunities available in a wide variety of practice areas across the U.S. ranging from a few shifts to a year or more.


The Registry of Physicians Specialists (RPS) provides medical and mental health clinicians to organizations with staffing needs. The clinicians we provide are experienced with diverse patient populations and make valuable contributions to their individual communities.